Chloe Kristyn empowers women to celebrate their stories with the perfect fit. We offer classic, figure friendly silhouettes, designed to evoke emotion and leave a beautiful impression. 

Thoughtful design, combined with a methodical textile selection process results in a usefulness and beauty that raises the standard and a wardrobe that strikes an effortless integration of work and life.  

Chloe Kristyn is a proud advocate of the US garment industry and ethical manufacturing practices; the majority of our collection is produced in the United States.



Product Development:
Each garment is designed in the Chloe Kristyn Atlanta studio and produced in New York's garment district. Chloe Kristyn's head pattern maker ran the design rooms of several upscale LA based brands. After 35 years in the industry, she desired a change and moved to the South for quieter life. As destiny would have it, she met Bettina. The Chloe Kristyn brand resonated with her and she and Bettina began to work together to develop the collection. She and Bettina have developed a special bond; the heart and soul poured into the development process is apparent in the final product. 


Sourcing and Production:
Chloe Kristyn has partnered with sewers that have worked with some of the most upscale fashion houses in the United States, and source their intricate fabrications and embellishments from all over the world. Chloe Kristyn’s process maintains the same level of quality and attention to detail as premier fashion houses, but stays true to their vision of making beautiful, functional and versatile garments of the highest quality at un-intimidating prices. 


Giving Back: Domestic Violence Awareness:


We are excited to announce our partnership with the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation (AVLF). 

With a passion and desire to raise awareness of and assist in breaking the cycle of domestic violence, Chloe Kristyn donates a portion of revenues to the AVLF. We believe that it is our duty to advocate for women in all the ways that we can. It is our desire to bridge the gap and inspire  recognition of our common humanity and significance; we realize there is much work to be done. With Chloe Kristyn’s focus on inclusivity, diversity and empowerment, the mission and purpose of the AVLF is in perfect alignment with our company beliefs and values. With each purchase, you will raise awareness and assist in breaking the cycle of domestic violence for many women and their families. 

About AVLF:
Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation joined with Partnership Against Domestic Violence in 2009 to create the Safe Families Office (SFO). The SFO is the first full-time lawyer-staffed, Courthouse-based resource for victims in Georgia. Through the provision of legal assistance, and ancillary services that seek to improve survivor’s quality of life, the SFO and its network make the justice system easier to understand and less intimidating. Lawyers, paralegals and law students trained by AVLF in the law and psychology of domestic violence now meet more than 2,200 visitors to the SFO every year, and offer them legal consultation, advice, direction, and when necessary direct representation in their effort to secure Protective Orders, the highest protection offered by the law for the victim and her family. 

Battered and frightened mothers and children come to the SFO sometimes with only terrible fear and the desperate desire for help: 80% of the SFO’s visitors leave the same day with a Protective Order, and 100% of visitors depart with the power of knowing their legal options. Having access to legal counsel, safety planning and quality, life-affirming conflict management assistance offers real hope for rebuilding healthy, positive lives.